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Bounce Mix Series Continues With Brock Ferrar!

Brock Ferrar has been spinning records in Melbourne for years now. Always managed to fly under the radar and never really received the credit he so deserves. This guy knows his sound, is a self confessed music snob and also makes some decent tunes of his own. Make sure you catch him play some tunes this won't regret it.

We asked him a few questions and this is what he had to say.

BA: How would you best describe your sound? 
Brock: Swingin house music

BA: What was your approach to recording this mix? 
Brock: Choosing some tracks I’m feeling at the moment and trying to get some flow

BA: What DJ's do you spin with in Melbourne? 
Brock: Johan Elgstrom, Paul Agius, Marc Patea, Sirloin Beefington

BA: How much Sake can you drink before you drop? 
Brock: Not that many, i prefer shochu

BA: Name one amazing 12" record you recently discovered, new or old? 
Brock: Soul Capsule - Law Of Grace

BA: Do you dance at your own party? 
Brock: Hell yeah

BA: Please finish the sentence "Tony Abbott is..." 
Brock:....the most dangerous politician in australian history



37 Cato Street Prahran, Vic 3181 Australia 03 8060 2997

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