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Bounce Mix Series continues with Luke Stein!

Luke Stein comes from Geetroit and has been playing records for years now. Collecting records seems to be his passion as well as buying vintage gear. Synths, drum machines and anything else that is analogue! We will hopefully hear some finished work from Luke in the near future.

We are delighted to get a peak into his record collection. Great techno from a great dude.

Luke was nice enough to answer some questions for us. ENJOY!

BA: How would you best describe your sound?
Luke: Dubby sounds moving across to hypnotic driving techno. I'm influenced a lot by labels such as klockworks, Distopian and Analogue Solutions.

BA: What was your approach to recording this mix?
Luke: I had a heap of new wax that hadn't had a spin yet so I grabbed a six pack of Melbourne's, hit record on the tascam and jumped right into mix.

BA: Who do you play with around town?
Luke: I'm one half of Limited Press so I do a lot of stuff with our crew and we hope to be putting on some amazing gigs for 2015, Its always a pleasure to come down and play at the Bounce Audio gigs you guys throw across the city.

BA: What's a dope new 12" you've recently discovered?
Luke: You will actually here me play the new one from Slam in this mix. The record is Slam - Rotary/Catacoustics on Soma Recordings, I was chatting to the Slam boys the other day and they said they will be pressing some more of the tracks off their new album so that is killer and I can't wait to get my hands on them.

BA: How many records do you have now?
Luke: Not too sure somewhere around 1500 mark but Im always buying and selling records.

BA: Got any gigs booked, when and where?
Luke: None at the moment just been focusing on my production lately.

BA: Please continue the following statement. " Promoters DJ can be…….. "
Luke: A very touchy subject.


37 Cato Street Prahran, Vic 3181 Australia 03 8060 2997

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